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Sharing over internet ? Be prepared ..!

The anonymity through which the dark web operates has been the catalyst of illegal activities on the internet. It has acted like an underground black market where there is a sampling of goods and services that attract the interest of illegal handlers who have a great pique with the police and law enforcement agencies. This way they have been able to evade the authorities.

On the darknet, a user can purchase goods and services that would otherwise attract the attention of the authorities. Drugs and weapons are specially packaged in shipments that escape x-ray scans through consignments that mimic electronics or other instruments. The purchase through the dark web is enabled by the use of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins and the use of web-hosts that cannot be infiltrated.

“The Brisbane woman placed her order using a dark web portal, made payment using bitcoin and later organized for the importation of several consignments of illegal drugs from the United Kingdom,” Terry Price said. The …