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Future thoughts - Video hosting platforms

The business world is no stranger to video content these days, with many large corporates building libraries of streaming content for their own employees, business partners or customers. Some have built their own Enterprise Video Platforms (EVPs) to help them create, manage and distribute that content, but the vast majority rely on third-party software solutions to do it for them.

On-Premise Solutions of the Past

In the past, streaming libraries were exclusively licensed, on-premise applications owned and maintained by the business itself. But the emergence of cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) delivery model in the last decade has led to a different approach that allows applications and content to be hosted on third-party servers in remote data centers and paid for via subscription fees.
Cloud Solutions of the Future

EVPs themselves come in different flavors. Some businesses use products or services to create internal YouTube like applications just for their own employe…