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Data centers - Internet Brains

A Data Center is a large space owned/leased by big corporations to run their IT infrasturcture businesses. One runs their own infrastucure in these DCs, or operates for a customer/s which is popularly known as infrastucure outsourcing.
Apart from running a datacenter, there is a complex set of supporting infrastructure, that need to be setup.
Location and Physical Security : Prime concern, this is the place where your data lives, after all. These facilities are specially designed to make abundant airflow available, well built to withatand natural calamities etc.,
Cooling: Major share of the DCs operating expenses are eaten by cooling devices, you need to have multiple layers of cooling coz those big servers were never made to sit and run calmy, their temperatures will reach 120 degrees C sometimes even more, when in full swing.
Electricity:Typical Data Center setup can have power drawn from multiple sources (at least 2 sources) with a generator backup and battery backup. These power …