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Elon musk

Specially speaking at an AI autonomous vehicle industry event this week and was asked whether there is any kind of connection between Elon Musk’s efforts with Tesla and his activities with Neuralink, which is his futuristic play on using advanced tech to tap into human brains.

The question was prompted by last Tuesday’s Neuralink presentation (on July 16, 2019, see the recorded video here), showcasing Musk and various Neuralink scientists and researchers, touting their newly unveiled wares and software that they’ve been toiling away on, having crafted it with great intensity and single-minded purposefulness in their souped-up neurotechnology labs.

My answer about the potential connecting tissue between Tesla and Neuralink is that the simplistic answer is there isn’t any direct linkage per se (other than Musk himself), but, if you are willing to stretch your imagination, stepping outside most anyone’s comfort zone, there might be a synergistic aspect in the realm of self-driving cars.