Department Of Telecommunications Compliance

As per my research, this notification only appears to websites which are blocked by our ISP's (Internet Service Provider). There is only one reason due to this is error message is shown. And that is the Government of the Country.

DoT is Department of Telecommunication. This department is established for governing the telecommunication sector.

These websites have pirated content, cracked games, pirated movies, songs, and also all illegal things, like drugs, etc.

What originally people in DoT thought to stop piracy was to tell people that these websites are not safe and don't visit them. But people still didn't stop visiting these websites as they were getting paid content freely.

So the DoT thought that if all these links were stopped by the ISP's then how will the people visit the website? DoT ordered all the ISP's that if certain website's link comes to you to ask to connect to their server show this error message. That's the above error message which is in the question.

There is still a way to visit the websites that is via. VPN. Virtual Private Network. It first connects to another server and then from that the internet is free! Search on YouTube for more information as that is how you can practically see instead of just reading and trying.

Thanks for reading.